Currently employed at Vitec MV, working as a software developer on the IntoWords Chrome extension. The goal of the Chrome extension is to ease reading for dyslexia users.

Work Experience

Software Developer

Vitec MV 

06/2019 - Present

As a full time employee at Vitec MV I work on the Chrome extension. I have previously worked on the iOS platform.

  • Web Using React, Redux and Typescript I have worked on developing a chrome extension capable.
  • iOS Using Swift 5 I worked on the iOS platform to deliver an up to date OCR functionality. 

Student Worker

Vitec MV 

01/2017- 06/2019

Throughout my time as a student employee I had focus on Android development, machine learning and research.

  • Android Updated several features of the Android platform application to use modern software development approaches.
  • Machine Learning In order to better the word prediction for Vitec MV’s core application, I explored the possibility of using machine learning. The result was that machine learning, specifically topic modeling is very capable of predicting words. This has led to greater interest in applying machine learning and resulted in hiring data scientists.

External Consultant

Bank Data 

09/2018- 12/2018

Interned as part of my master’s degree. The internship project focused on implementing a monitoring system capable of monitoring servers and their components. Additionally, several monitoring strategies were employed in order to monitor the health status of APIs.

  • Network Learned a great deal about the OSI model, TCP, UDP, HTTP, common ports and protocols. 


Master's Degree, Software Engineering

University of Southern Denmark 

09/2017- 06/2019

Graduated with a thesis in indoor occupancy sensing using the Ultra Wideband sensor technology.

Result Implemented several different approaches to occupancy sensing with up to approximately 95% occupancy sensing accuracy. Used both algorithmic and machine learning approaches to evaluate the capabilities of the UWB technology.

The research has been published and can be read at ACM.

Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering

University of Southern Denmark 

07/2013- 06/2017

Graduated with a project in user centered game development.

Result Implemented a game by closely communicating with a community of approximately 20 people. A user centered project was the outcome, which resulted in a 2D sidescroller game with elements of procedural generation.